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"An scríobhann an scríbhneoir?"

Translation:Does the writer write?

April 4, 2015



"Is the writer writing" was marked wrong - please explain


Irish and English both differentiate between the simple present tense (an scríobhann an scríbhneoir? - "Does the writer write?") and the present progressive (an bhfuil an scríbhneoir ag scríobh? - "is the writer writing?"). They are different tenses, and are not equivalent, though not all languages make this distinction.


Why is it 'an' scriobhann? And not just 'scriobhann an scríbhneoir?' 'An' means 'the', so I don't understand why it goes before 'write'? Thanks!


The an before a verb doesn't mean "the" - verbs don't have definite articles.

The an before a verb is an interrogative verbal particle - it turns the statement into a question:
scríobhann sé - "he writes"
an scríobhann sé? - "does he write?"

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