Translation:Does the writer write?

3 years ago



Is the pronunciation on this sentence correct? Especially:

  • Should the 'bh' in scríobhann be pronounced like an English b or w? I thought that a broad 'bh' should be more like an English w.
  • It sounds like she's adding an extra syllable in scríbhneoir. Should that be there?
  • Should the n in scríbhneoir be more slender? More like an 'ny' sound?
3 years ago


I heard one or two questions back that "bh" is pronounced /v/ in both Ulster and Munster, I believe, but /w/ in Connacht. I'm not entirely sure on the particulars.

3 years ago

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Broad bh (and mh) is pronounced w, slender bh (and mh) like a v. In ulster, both are said as v. But there are exceptions, and I guess this is one of them.

7 months ago
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