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  5. "Bana bunu neden söylüyorsun?"

"Bana bunu neden söylüyorsun?"

Translation:Why are you telling me this?

April 4, 2015



Why is it bunu and not bu?


Because "this" is in the accusative here -- "You are telling me this"; it's the object of "tell".


Is "neden" usually just placed before the verb?


no, it all depends on the emphasis

  • "Bana bunu neden söylüyorsun?" (you ask the reason of "asking", emphasis is on the verb)
  • "Neden bana bunu söylüyorsun?" (you ask the reason of asking THIS)
  • "Neden bunu bana söylüyorsun?" (you ask the reason of asking this thing particularly to YOU)
  • "Neden bunu bana sen söylüyorsun?" (you ask the reason why it is particularly THIS PERSON asking you the question)

etc etc etc


Sounds difficult :p


The thing you emphasise usually goes right before the verb.

Look at the Turkish sentences again and compare them with the English ones and note which words she capitalised, then see which word in the Turkish sentence is in front of the verb.


Oh, I see it now! Thanks!! :)


I speak Pahari/Patwari(language in Kashmir) too and I find it easier to think of Turkish sentences in that language compared to English. The turks definitely migrated there at some point in history


Pahari is one of the languages I'd definitely want to learn but I don't even know the basics of...


Exactly like when I compare it to Farsi.


You said :" neden bana bunu söylüyorsun " "means you ask the reason of asking THIS" but neden is placed just before bana not bunu. ..is not the emphasis on bana instead ?


I guess from the explanation above the emphasis is on the word before the verb. So in the sentence you gave, because the question is actually :" Why are you asking about this particular thing", -bunu- was placed before the verb for emphasis. However, in the first case : "Bana bunu neden soyluyorsun?" , because the question is about the verb itself and not anything else in the question, neden was used to emphasize that. I guess that this is a special case of emphasis. My explanation could be wrong, I am not a native speaker and I am myself still learning, so please correct me if I am wrong. This is how I understood it though, hope this helps a little!


"Why do you tell me this" is correct as well, right? It was rejected for me.


I did the same thing. Still incorrect a week later, why?


a) it's probably not incorrect to reject that sentence as a translation for this one
b) if there's an error, the project team will see it a lot faster when you Report it rather than posting a comment
c) the project team is all volunteers who work on this in their free time - since we're not paying for Duolingo, there's no money to pay salary to people whose full-time job is monitoring submissions and reacting within a certain time.


I think that would have to be "Bana bunu neden söylersin?" with the aorist, mirroring the English use of the present simple.


Even though we haven't studied this tense yet, I get the difference. That's why I was asking the question in the first place, thanks!


jytou, "why do you tell me this?" is wrong because the verb of the sentence in Turkish is not at the simple present tense but at the continuous present tense. At the present simple tense it would be "bana bunu neden söylersün?", verb söylemek at the thrird person singular. Look at there: https://www.verbix.com/webverbix/go.php?&D1=31&T1=s%C3%B6ylemek. You find every verb's conjugation at every tense. Very helpfull.


What's the difference between this verb and dimak?


dimak doesn't exist. I guess you mean demek. demek and söylemek are often interchangeable, they are sort of like to say and to tell


"Neden" is an ablative form of "ne", right? As in "from what" meaning "for / out of what reason/cause"? In that case, would you still use that question particle for "why" meaning "to what purpose"?

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