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  5. "I ran to school."

"I ran to school."

Translation:Jag sprang till skolan.

April 4, 2015



Please explain why 'skolan', not just 'skola'?


This is a case where English can use the indefinite without an article but we can't in Swedish. The opposite is more common – we have combinations like köpa bil which is literally 'buy car', but you can't say just buy car in English, you need an article. Those combinations work like a unit – 'go to school' is an action in itself, it doesn't matter if you're thinking of a specific school or not, and köpa bil denotes the action of buying a car, any car. I don't think there's any reason why one language chose to encode one action but not the other that way.


Is "jag sprang mot skolan" acceptable?


That would be toward(s) (the) school in English. towards and mot mean 'in the direction of' but not necessarily reaching the place. But till and to means that you get there.

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