"What is the name of your twin?"

Translation:Vad heter din tvilling?

April 4, 2015

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Why not tvillingbror?


Tvillingbror would define that the twin is a brother, but the English sentence did not say that, only twin. So that's why I reckon tvillingbror isn't correct.

For a twinsister it'd be tvillingsyster.


Can one say 'tvillingsyskon'? I know it's tautological but hey languages aren't always logical!


WHY can't you write: Vad är namnet på din tvilling?


It could be "vad heter tvillingen din"aswell, could'nt it?


I don't think that's correct in written Swedish, but spoken it would work. In a similar manner you could have said "tvillingen din, vad heter han/hon?" It looks odd written, but spoken it would work. Similar to "that twin of yours, what's his/her name". I don't think that's how it's usually written. But spoken it works. :)


we dont have 'din' or 'min' in swedish in the end of nouns. norweigan has it, but not swedish. however some people like to say 'din' or 'min', as it sounds more old and "funnier", but it is not a grammar rule.


It would in Norwegian.


Tvillingen doesnt refer to the twin you would be talking about. The sentence is "what is the name of YOUR twin", not what is the name of THE twin" = vad heter tvillingen.


Does it mean thst you have a sister or brother that is born at the same time with you, or does it mean that you have two kids that are twin?


Definitely the former, I should think.

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