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"Ich würde gerne mein Bild veröffentlichen."

Translation:I would like to publish my painting.

September 7, 2013



Guys, I could really use a short explanation on the difference between "Ich möchte" and "Ich würde gerne".


Not much difference in meaning, but after "Ich möchte" or "Ich möchte gerne" you can go on with a "dass"-construction:

"Ich möchte gerne, dass du das heute noch erledigst." / "Ich möchte, dass hier grundsätzlich alles anders wird."

"Ich würde gerne" is always about things you want to do (or experience) yourself.

"Ich würde auch gerne einmal dieses wunderbare Buch zu sehen bekommen."

"Ich würde gerne diesen Sommer wieder einmal nach Neapel fahren."

(In both these "würde" - examples, you can just as well use "möchte")


"Ich würde gerne" is softer and more polite than "ich möchte", which in turn is softer than "ich will". They all describe more or less the same emotional state.


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@21mat5 : Ich möchte = I would like to ...
Ich würde gerne mit Ihnen über den Preis sprechen. = I would gladly talk with you about the price.
Ich würde gerne = I would happily ...
Hope this helps.


So is this sometimes the difference, or always the difference? I.e. are we being taught wrong by Duolingo, that 'Ich würde gern...' translates to 'I would like to...' or is there no difference in German?

And can "Ich würde gerne" always be translated to "I would gladly"?


Thank you! Is one of them considered more polite than the other?

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@21mat5 : No, not that I know of.


Yes, it does, thank you.


This doesn’t make sense to me in English. ‘Releasing’ your painting - is your painting in jail? Maybe the sheriff has seized it? Do they mean “I would like to make my painting public”? Or “..open my painting to the public”?


"publish" seems to me the better translation (and is accepted).


Yes I agree Fehrerdef. However ‘publish’ is more commonly used for books, articles etc. I haven’t heard it used for ‘paintings’. I am sure however you could publish your painting in a magazine, newspaper or online. Better to publish it than to release it, just in case it runs away.


I agree, one can't release a painting. (Native speaker here)


It makes more sense if Bild is translated to Photo. Then veröffentlichen could mean to release publicly, as in "I agree to publish my photo on this platform". E.g. "jeder kann selbst frei entscheiden ob Bilder von ihm veröffentlicht werden" = "anyone can decide if his picture can be published".


They should have used a better example, such as a film or phonograph album. You don't typically release a painting, per se. But you could do it in a broader sense, such as selling copies.


Duo, can you please write sentences that actually have a meaning in English. Nuances are becoming very frustrating. I'm sure other English speakers agree.

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why give the hint of 'print' and then say it is wrong?


What's the difference between "Ich möchte" and "ich würde gerne?"


Releasing one's painting into the wild is always a hard thing to do, but it must be done...


You yourself said. Bild means picture, painting and image, so I wonder why you marked painting as a wrong answer .


The English translation makes little sense


As an artist this translation doesn't make sense. In my opinion a better translation would be 'I would like to print my picture' or 'I would like to publish my picture'


"publish" is indeed the best translation. That's why "I would like to publish my picture" is one of the accepted answers.
"print" is not a valid translation of "veröffentlichen".


I would like to print my picture seems to be a possible translation based on the vocabulary offered by duo, but it is rejected.


It is of course rejected, because it is not a translation. "veröffentlichen" and "drucken" are just as different as are "to publish" and "to print".


Earlier in this lesson I got one wrong because I didn't put the "gerne" next to the infinitive. "Ich würde gerne dich lieben" was wrong, instead the accepted answer was "ich würde dich gerne lieben". But now this time I got it wrong because I did put the "gerne" adverb with the infinitive. "Ich würde mein Bild gerne veröffentlichen" is wrong? Why?


I would love to is incorrect?


How do I know this is a painting and not just a picture?


you can't. Could be both.


What is worng with ma translation?


Nobody knows, as long as you don't tell us your translation.


This sentence makes no sense to me. Just what is DUO trying to say? Until now veroffentlichen meant publish. Now it means release? Plus release is not even one of the choices in the drop down. Does this person want to drop their panting on the floor?


I think "publish" to be the best translation, and it is still one of the accepted translations.

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