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"Hasta adamın durumu çok üzücü."

Translation:The sick man's condition is very sad.

April 5, 2015



"state" ought to be accepted!


Again what is the difference between "the patient's condition "and the sick man 's condition".Does adam means only man ? These kinds of defference allways makes me confused .


One is reminded of the years before 1918, when diplomats from Paris to St. Petersburg preoccupied themselves with the Eastern Question, i.e. what was to become of the Balkans and Near East once the Ottoman Turk--"the sick man of Europe," they called him--breathed his last. Do history books in Turkey use "hasta adam" in this context, or do they do something else?


I translated "the condition of a sick man is very sad" but it did not recognize it as correct, suggesting the definite article 'the' instead of the indefinite 'a'. I do not believe there is a distinction in Turkish. Is there?


here the ending -ın that comes to adam (adamın) makes it a specific person. to avoid this we usually add BİR or make it plural.

bir adamın durumu or adamların durumu


Yes, there is a distinction here, since it defines a certain sick man, not someone random.


male patient should ne be rejected


I believe "the male patient's" would be "erkek hastanın" ... erkek çocuk, erkek arkadaş, erkek ayakkabıları, etc. Also, in Duo's sentence, "hasta" is an adjective ("sick") because it comes first :-)

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