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"The boy sleeps between us every night."

Translation:Codlaíonn an buachaill eadrainn gach oíche.

April 5, 2015



Keep that up and there'll be no siblings for you, lad!


Why the eadrainn is not accepted at the end of the sentence just like the previous one????


"Tá an buachaill ina chodladh eadrainn gach oíche." I get this is wrong, but I'm not 100% sure why? When is Codlaíonn X used vs Tá X ... (g)c(h)odladh used? Thanks.


Tá an buachaill ina chodladh - "the boy is asleep" (or "the boy is (currently) sleeping" - I prefer the "asleep" translation, it leaves no room for confusion).

codail is the habitual present - "the boy habitually sleeps between us", as indicated by the "every night".


Á, ar ndóigh! Go riabh míle maith agat, a Shatharn.


Okay i just was on a dictionary site where it said that the connacht pronunciation of 'oíche' is 'ee'. Is that really correct? If so, is there any explanation as to how this came about, since both the other dialects pronounce it 'ee-hhuh'


The Ulster pronunciation of oíche here has its -ch- as /ç/, as one might expect of an unreduced slender ch.


Just normal phonetic reduction. And, yes. It's very common to hear it that way in phrases such as oíche mhaith (í mhaith)


my dogs talking about me. of course they wait until I'm asleep before the hop into my bed.


In this sentence, is the "us" implied by the "eadrainn"? That is to say, could this same sentence be translated as "The boy sleeps between them every night," or would it always be "us?"


eadrainn - "between us" (idir+sinn)
eadraibh - "between you"
eatarthu - "between them"


Thanks! I just found that in the lesson, but I hadn't been able to see it on mobile.

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