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"Lavoro in un parco di divertimento."

Translation:I work in a theme park.

September 7, 2013



It didn't fail me for this, but told me I had a typo because I said "AN amusement park", instead of "A amusement park"!


Obviously that's wrong. Please report it.


and it is fixed now, I had an amusement park and it was right.


But now it is wrong again!!


no - for me it worked. Maybe you had a type somewhere?


You are lucky!! They mark me wrong for amuement park?


And I bet Archangelica you weren't amused in the slightest.


And there must be a reason why I cannot say an entertainment park... But then again, I'm not a native English speaker.


Not a "good" reason--just that they're not actually called that. :)


Theme park??? Are they called so in the UK???


An amusement park, a theme park, but not an entertainment park. Hey ho. I'll try fun fair next tiime.


Doesn't lavoro mean BOTH "I work" and "I am working" ?

[deactivated user]

    I typed in: I work in a amusement park. For some reason, I got this wrong. Please advise.


    It may be that you were marked wrong because it should be "...in AN amusement park." If that's not DL's reason you should report it since 'theme park' and 'amusement park' are normally used interchangeably.


    Should not have failed me for amusement park.


    is "theme park" a generally commonly used expression for English speaking people? In Sweden a theme park is a park with entertainment with a special theme. If the expression is NOT a common expression other answers to the sentence should be accepted.


    An amusement park is a kind of permanent carnival: for example, it would have rides such as a roller coaster, a ferris wheel, a merryground; booths that allow you to throw or shoot something at a target in order to win a prize.

    A theme park usually has a particular, um, theme, or motif, that characterizes the entertainment and rides offered: Sea World, Disneyworld, and so on. In such a park, each form of entertainment would somehow incorporate that theme.


    we are here to learn a foreign language and not to explore whether a amusement park i so or so. I propose Duolingo quit that question completely. It only spoils your evening. thanks Soglio for your remarks


    Ti vesti da Topolino?


    His voice sounds like Berlin from Money Heist ^^


    What is a 'Theme park". We have amusement parks.


    I woke up feeling positive and happy about the day then it happened. Theme instead of entertainment? How am i going to explain this. I feel so down and don't want to go out.


    What is a theme park? There are amusement parks but I have never heard of a theme park, and do not know it means?


    i don't understand why an entertainment park is not accepted


    "Entertainment park" not accepted...insisted on "theme"...


    theme park is an Americanism and entertainment park is the English equivalent (although the American version has become acceptable in UK too)


    Drop-down dictionary doesn't say "theme," so I got slapped for translating literally as "park of entertainment." One of the few instances where I would like a sort of dictionary for not-technically-compound words.

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