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  5. "Eu leio um jornal."

"Eu leio um jornal."

Translation:I read a newspaper.

September 7, 2013



When the woman pronounced this it's impossible to hear the "um". She literally said "Eu leio jornal."


is Eu li um jornal a correct way of saying i read a newspaper.


yes, but "li" is past whereas "leio" is present. In English they are the same word, although it is read differently.


Inf · · Eu · · Tu · · Você Ele/a · Nós · · · · Vós · · · Vocês Eles Elas
Ler · Leio · Lês · Lê · · · · · · · · · Lemos · Ledes · Leem
· https://www.duolingo.com/dictionary/Portuguese/l%C3%AA-ler-verb-present+indicative+tense-third+person-singular/b2e1f3421eb5216ac144a5714dbf7d6b · http://www.conjuga-me.net/verbo-ler ·

read · /ɹid/ · Homophones: reed, rede · present tense pronunciation · en.wiktionary.org/wiki/read ·

read · /ɹɛd/ · Homophones: red, redd · past tense pronunciation · en.wiktionary.org/wiki/read ·


Please can someone tell me how to say 'jornal' phonetically? I am finding it very hard to work out how to say it (I normally say the sentence after the computer does but the recording gets all jumbled in the rest of the sentence!)


It's like your jornal bu with an open "O" like the first "O" of chocolate and the "nal" part is like ur "now" sound.


I am brazilian. How to say 'jornal' phonetically? jornal (jor-nal)

<pre> nal: n - it's like "never" a - "ago" l - "like" </pre>


I don't get it. Wouldn't 'Eu leio um jornal.' mean, I read the newspaper?


= Eu leio o jornal.


They are definitely not pronouncing the "um" No matter how many times I listen to the normal speed one I just don't hear it. Is that just how people speak and I just should know that it is there?


I'm a native speaker, and I can slightly here the "um". It's something your ears get used to over time.


I keep listening to sound bite and I can not hear that um a full speed. All I hear is Eu leio o jornal. Any tips on how I can improve this?

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