No speech input

I have read the Help paragraph, Speech is turned on, I have installed Adobe Flash, I have reloaded DuoLingo and reopened my Safari browser many times, but speech input is still not working on my iMac. Billalberti

April 5, 2015


Apple had a falling out with Adobe many moons ago and refused to implement Flash in their Safari browser because of security issues. I think this issue has now been resolved although I am not sure they allow Flash. However, the latest Safari (6.2) seems to work possibly due to the latest HTML supports the features.

If you are using this version then you may have to check the configuration settings, if not try updating Safari.

I have already downloaded the latest update on Adobe Flash using Adobe Flash Installer, and it has worked fine on other programs and uTube videos on my iMac (OSX 10.7.5 with Safari 6.1.6). Also, I have used the iMac microphone on other programs and it has worked fine. Raising the volume doesn't help; in fact duoLingo prompts me to LOWER the volume: I still get the message "no speech detected." Has anyone been successful using duoLingo speech input on an iMac? Thanks.

To rule out Flash issues specific to Safari, try Firefox or Chrome.

Make sure that you don't need to specifically give permission to run Flash: look for a popup, an icon in your URL field, or an alert bar.

Make sure that you don't have a setting that prevents plugins from running unless you click to play it or something like that.

And finally, if speech is running but not picking up your voice, turn up the input volume on your mic ALL the way.

Also experiment with placement of the mic if possible. On my laptop, that means adjusting the screen angle and how far my head is from the screen.

Look around and try to omit as much ambient noise as you can.

I'm having the same problem on my Macbook Pro. But I only have problems with Irish, French speech/audio is fine.

So it must be something intrinsic to certain duoLingo programs, not a computer issue of the user. Is duoLingo working on this?

I have the same problem. It seemed to start around the 4:th of April 2015, when there was a major update of Win 8.0. Have not found blockers in my Firefox. Adobe Flash seems to be OK. Comodo Firewall seems to be OK, allows at least all but my sound signal to and fro Duolingo.

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