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"Sono spiacente"?

In the 4 months i lived in italy i never heard someone say 'i'm sorry' in this way. I only know of 'mi dispiace' or depending on the situation 'scusa'. Is there maybe a contextual reasoning for this translation?

December 19, 2012



'Sono spiacente' is correct. I'm not a native speaker of Italian but AFAIK 'sono spiacente' is more formal than the other variants. In informal settings I'd prefer 'mi spiace' or 'scusa'


"sono spiacente" is very formal ... it reminds me of the announcment of the State Railways ("le Ferrovie dello Stato sono spiacenti di comunicare che il treno ha 40 minuti di ritardo ...."


I suspect "sono spiacente" is used because "mi dispiace" is more complex grammatically and they don't want to introduce it in the early lessons.


This is probably true, the reflexive is more advanced.


Another common way of expressing regret/sorriness is to say "Mi dispiace".

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