New Trees

Hi everybody, I just wanted you all to notice that there are new trees up! If you look through my tree (Or others, Like Luis') you will notice that look different. I think it is ordered by elevation, so that you have to clear on stage and then you can go down to the next. Check it out!

September 7, 2013


I don't like the look of that, I prefer the other trees.

Since one can't see it on other's trees, do you have those shortcut tests in between, too?

yes, I still have the shortcuts, but I don't have one at the end

I heard that people learning Spanish have been asking for a new system, where you have the option of doing one test at the end of the tree to get to the end if you are already at that level. A Duolingo worker said they are workiing on it. I wonder if that's what this is? EDIT: see response from NewTrees above (now unfortunately out of order).

I think it's something they're testing with some users, I've seen it before.

Agree, it's been out for a bit.

What deserves more attention is that your account name matches the discussion title :D

Do you know if this is just in Spanish? I was looking through Luis' trees and it seems the new system is only in Spanish, none of the other languages.

No, look at naut's account (a designer of Duolingo) here: All his trees are different.

A slightly-different Italian tree was released a few weeks back (by the sound of it, not as different as the Spanish one will be). I suspect other languages' new trees will be either later, or happened some time ago (I've only been on Duolingo for a couple of months).

ohh, you really have a different tree

I'm doing Spanish but the tree is the same...

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