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"The teachers work in the school every day except Sunday."

Translation:Oibríonn na múinteoirí sa scoil gach lá ach amháin Dé Domhnaigh.

April 5, 2015



I said "An Domhnach" instead of "Dé Domhnaigh" and it was marked as wrong. I thought 'An' was used to refer to the day in a general sense and 'Dé' to mean a specific Sunday - am I mistaken here? Any help greatly appreciated!


The use of Sunday in this sentence is adverbial, so an adverbial form of Domhnach is needed; one could use either ar an Domhnach or Dé Domhnaigh.


Ok, thanks for that. I may have forgotten the word "ar", which is probably why it was marked wrong. Cheers!


I wrote "ar an Domhnach", but it was not accepted. Should it have been? (My reasoning was that Sundays in general was meant - not just a particular Sunday).


Is the “amháin” necessary? The New English-Irish Dictionary gives the example “ar oscailt gach lá ach an Domhnach”.


When “except” is a preposition (such as in this exercise), the amháin should be optional after ach.

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