Twitter, anyone?

Recently I noticed that Duolingo now offers to tweet/post to Facebook about finished levels (ie., food, animals, whatever). When clicking on the "Tweet"-Button, I'm only forwarded to Twitter, with "" offered as text for my tweet. I think there could be more here: Some kind of picture/link sharing (maybe just forward to the users profile, or some database extract regarding the learned skill like "[User] has learned [skill] on [date]"?), so it kind of certificates that the user actually did something and not just fakes it (which might be the case if I just tweet "Did this and that"). If forwarding to the profile, you could add explanations for the language levels – future employers might be interested in this ;-) (besides, I think people who tweet/post about such stuff are hotter than those posting about heir FarmCandycrushwhatnot)

[Further edited:] See, that's what I want to tweet about:

Any opinions on this?

September 7, 2013


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