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  5. "Io bevo latte."

"Io bevo latte."

Translation:I drink milk.

December 19, 2012



Why does this not have an article before "latte?"


Words not necessarily needs a definite/indefinite article before itself, sometimes they just wanna be alone.

Relax y'all about using or not using articles, learning goes beyond that.


must be il latte, my husband is italian and he said me ''il latte '' is correct..


I think it translate to how you would say it in English "Il latte" in english is "the milk " so if i say " I drink the milk" then it will translate to " Io bevo il latte" if I state that "I drink milk" the it will be "Io bevo latte" . Spanish is my first language and when i first learn some of the phrases in english its was confusing trying to translate the exact same phrase from english to spanish, because it just didn't sound rigth. Then my friend told me this apps are just to give you an understanding of the language no to teach you a language properly. Though I checked the Spanish for English speakers and its pretty accurate.


I have answered the question several times correctly but it still tells me my answer is incorrect. How do I get the programme to move on?


why not Bevo plain and simple? Sometimes Duolingo accepts the verb without pronoun. Surely Bevo latte is okay?


I wrote it correctly but it said i didn't


Normaly that happens! It also happened to me


I totally love this app.


Is latte f. or m.?


It is masculine. Hover over the word, and it should say "GENDER: MASCULINE".


Does "Io bevo latte" only mean "I drink milk" or can I say it when I want to say "I'm drinking milk" as in I'm drinking it right now?


Thx to any followers!!!!!!


Im Annoyed i said the right phrase i drink Milk but it came up as WRONG!


I was going to right I drink the milk'maybe you should give another chance to everybody.

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