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  5. "Okuldan geliyorum."

"Okuldan geliyorum."

Translation:I am coming from school.

April 5, 2015



Why the sentence - I am coming from "a" school is not correct?


The ablative, dative, and locative are specific. You would have to use "bir" in front of it if you want it to be general. :)


Okulda means "In the school" Okuldan means "from the school"


For the dropdown menu version of this sentence, could "okulda" also be a correct choice, meaning "I am coming to the school?"


No, -de gelmek is wrong.

okulda = at school, inside the school.

okula = to(wards) the school

So you can say "okula geliyorum" which means I'm coming to school.

Don't confuse the endings -de and -e. I know that some languages use the same proposition for both. Greek for example uses "sto sxoleio" for both "okula" and "okulda", so be careful about that.

[deactivated user]

    Why is it okuldan and not okulda?


    I think Okulda means at school. But Okuldan should be from school.


    What would be "I am coming to school"?

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