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  5. "Evin önünde bekliyorum."

"Evin önünde bekliyorum."

Translation:I am waiting in front of the house.

April 5, 2015



Outside of this particular set of translations where I know we're practicing prepositions, I would have trouble differentiating "evin" as a Type 1 preposition versus the possessive "your house".

How would you translate "I am waiting in front of your house"?

Thanks in advance!


I made the same mistake but I think 'for your house' it would be 'evinin' = 'house-your -of' ev+in +in


How do i know its in front of the house?


I am waiting in front of the home.? Home-House arasında fark yok?


They are the same in Turkish. :)


How can we say translate, "I'm waiting in front of your house"? Could "Evin önünde bekliyorum" mean either "I am waiting in front of the house" or "I am waiting in front of your house"? Do I have to say "Senin evin önünde bekliyorum" to say that it's "your house"? Thanks for you help.


ev (house) evin (your house) evinin önünde (in front of your house)

here you have ev+in+in first -in is "your" second -in is possessive


So can i say senin evinin?


You can, in fact all these sentences are true: "Senin evinin önünde bekliyorum" "Evinin önünde bekliyorum" "Senin evin önünde bekliyorum" They all mean the same thing, but the last one is usually used in conversation.

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