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Would Russian ever be on Duolingo?

December 19, 2012



Would love to see it here. I am trying to learn it by osmosis, but duolingo is far better! :)


I would love to see Russian on Duolingo


Russian can be learn on Livemocha if you will.


Nice, i'm going to try that. Thank you!


That would be awesome. :)


I would appreciate that too. Also, is there any place where I can see which languages the developers are currently working on? Thank you


Please make it possible to establish a course "russian for english speakers" i spend one year in russia and know some native russians who speak english who may participate... and i would appriciate it a lot to keep up with my russian skills and increase my vocabulary.. russian is such a beatiful language!


My girlfriend and her family speak Russian and I really want to learn it so I can feel like I know the real her! Please release it soon as she wants me to go and meet her family over there Summer 2014 and I want to be able to speak to them myself without her having to translate everything.


definitely russian :D


agreed. Not over thrilled with Live Mocha or Busuu


Probably, but not anytime soon.


How would Duolingo handle the Cyrillic keyboard? It's bad enough with umlauts in German? I know some Ukrainian, and whenever I try to type something in the language, it's hunt-and-peck to the extreme. Personally, I'd do Ukrainian before Russian, but I think it'd be hard for Duolingo to do either.


Did you install the German keyboard layout? On my laptop, I can easily switch between the English, German, and Greek layouts. All operating systems support this. There is no need to use Alt+4digits combinations.


I guess that if one is willing to put an effort into learning Russian, one would also be happy to install a Cyrillic keyboard input first.


Installing the layout is easy peasy: рашцнфрвлпшентслыг...

Now, learning what letter is where is tricky, because there is zero correspondence between the Latin and Cyrillic layouts.

Best option I see is to have a letter map showing on the same page. It will be slow but eventually you'd learn.


me too... i speak a little bit, but i'd love to be fluent so i can finally speak with my parents without them getting mad at me... XD


I'm native Russian (adopted mind you) and I really would love to learn my language! Please do so! 83


I really would love it if duolingo had Russain BECAUSE my teacher[music]speaks that language!:)


Come on! I want to learn Russian. Spasibo!


+1 to having Russian. I took in in college, but would love to pick it up again.


I would so much love to see Russian! New livemocha does not work for me, especially not with Russian - everything is google translated and unintelligible!


I would hope so too


I'm just going to keep track of their Careers page job postings to look out for Russian hires. The last I saw was Mandarin, about a year ago.

So Mandarin is probably next on Duolingo, Russian might take a while.


Same I am currently learning Russian at my university and would love to see it on Duolingo


I'm russian and looking for some german speaking person which learning russian for joint practice ;) Also I can help english speaking with russian language in some unusual questions (slang etc).

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