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"I like the green on these shirts."

Translation:Eu gosto do verde nestas camisas.

September 7, 2013



"Eu gosto do verde nessas camisas" should be valid as well.

it could be a shirt he's wearing. it could be a shirt on his friend. it could even be a shirt he's looking on a store.

Nessas / Nestas varies on the position of the object in relation to the speaker.


Shirt he's wearing: nesta camisa Friends shirt: nessa camisa Shirt in the store: naquela camisa


Exactly! But how can you tell which shirt it is from the original english sentence?

Hence the Portuguese sentence "Eu gosto do verde nessas camisas" should be accepted as well.


wow....most tricky sentence yet, by quite some way. Now we're starting to learn!


I think it might have to do with the difference of "those" vs "these"

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