travel in Athena

Hi everybody I want to travel in athena because I want to learn greek. But I don't know if there is some cheap hotel or some youth hostel... If anyone can help it would be great!


April 5, 2015

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I'm not from Athens so I don't know about hotels and hostels. I hope you get an answer to this. But I wanted to mention where friendly people may be able to accommodate you at their home.

whaou! thanks a lot! this website is gold. I will recommand to anybody needs this

The cheapest hotels near the city center cost appr 30 E per day. But I wouldn't recommend any. They are awful IMHO

Pretty old post so perhaps you've already been in Athens.

In the case that you haven't, I'd look in websites as

Have fun !

A youthhostel is in Pagkrati(Παγκράτι) in Athens στην Αθήνα

Μάθε Αγγλικά αφιερώνοντας μόνο 5 λεπτά τη μέρα. Δωρεάν.