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  5. "En iyi hastane hangisi?"

"En iyi hastane hangisi?"

Translation:Which hospital is the best?

April 5, 2015



Why do we use "hangisi" here and not "hangi"? Maybe I can answer my own question: "Hangisi" must be the adverb form, and it can stand on its own, without a noun. It would literally translate to something like "which one". Literally:

"The best hospital is which one?" - Hangisi

"Hangi", on the other hand, is an adjective, and it has to modify a noun, it cannot stand on its own.

"Which hospital?" - Hangi hastane?

There is a sentence in Türkçe konuşanlar için İngilizce:

"Sahneler hangileri?" - "Which are the stages?"

It must be the same situation, except "hangisi" has been put in the plural: "hangileri". And indeed it can be translated as "which ones":

"Which ones are the stages?"

Am I correct? Please tell me I'm correct. Otherwise I don't understand anything. :)


Yes, you're correct.

The only part you're incorrect in was when you said "'hangisi' is the adverb form". What you meant to say was "pronoun". ;-]


Thank you very much! I give you the pronoun. I was just taking a wild guess there as the Skill was "Adverbs". Must be some other word in the sentence. :)


When listening the audio at normal pace i can't understand that it's "en iyi", just at slow pace. Am i the only one having trouble with some audios like this? :'(


No, I heard "güney daha sıcak" as "güneyde hasta" or something like that in the fast reading...


Happens quite often :/


It is neural learning. İt will take some time. İt took months for me to familiarize türikish words pronunciation. Hoping to be expert in a couple of year inshallah.


can it be "Hangi hastane en iyi ?", just asking :)


You would have to say "Hangi hastane en iyisi?"


because in that case it is like "which hospital is the best one?"


Why is hangisi at the end? Turkish doesn't change word order, right? ''Bunu en iyi hastane''. Why not ''Hangisi en iyi hastane''?

Wouldn't ''which hospital is the best'' be ''hangi hastane en iyi''? Shouldn't this be ''Which is the best hospital''?

Sorry, this sentence is confusing me, haha.

  • Hangi hastane en iyisi? = Which hospital is the best (one)?

  • En iyi hastane hangisi? = The best hospital is which (one)?
    (But the literal translation of that is a little awkward in English, so we rephrase to "Which (one) is the best hospital?")

  • Bu hastane en iyisi. = This hospital is the best (one).

  • Bu en iyi hastane. = This is the best hospital.
    ("Bunu" is accusative form for a direct object)

I know the word order sometimes makes a BIG difference in meaning, but in this case, I think they work out to be the same :-)


Is there a different word arrangement is accepted?


Is there another word for iyi?


no difference in meaning i: Which hospital is the best/Which is the best hospital???

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