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  5. "Hindi bir kuştur."

"Hindi bir kuştur."

Translation:A turkey is a bird.

April 5, 2015



why the 'tur ' at the end ?!!!!!!!!!!


This might be wrong but the 'tur' at the end indicates that it is a fact


I'm not sure, but I think "Hindi bir kus" will be something like "A turkey bird" but "Hindi bir kustur" is more like "Turkey is a bird" so the "tur" is somehow the "is"


I didn't understand it. Can you explain it again?


Salve, dai vari esercizi svolti, ho dedotto che se le parole turche terminano con le seguenti consonanti: "f, s, t, k, ç, ş, h, p" e le stesse sono precedute da "o, u" , oppure "ö,ü" avranno come suffisso "tur", mentre se le stesse consonanti sono precedute da "a, e, i" avranno come suffisso"tir". Buona giornata.


There are a few ways to say “to be” in Turkish depending on what you are saying. This is shocking since there is not an actual verb “to be.” A suffix is used to form “to be” in the present tense. The suffixes are as follows:

Suffix Person/Number Example English -(y)Im 1st sing. (Ben) mutluyum. I am happy. -sIn 2nd sing. (Sen) mutlusun. You are happy. ∅, -DIr 3rd sing O mutlu. He/She/It is happy. -(y)Iz 1st pl. (Biz) mutluyuz. We are happy. -sInIz 2nd pl. (Siz) mutlusunuz. You are happy. ∅, -DIr 3rd pl. Onlar mutlu/mutludur. They are happy. -lAr, -DIrlAr 3rd pl. (Onlar) mutlular/mutludurlar. They are happy. There are a few points to talk about in the above chart.

1) All except the 3rd person pl. suffix follow 4-way vowel harmony.

2) In the 1st person, you will see a buffer “-y-” be used if the adjective or noun ends in a vowel.

3) The suffix -DIr is used to clarify any ambiguity, emphasize, or state facts. This both follows 4-way vowel harmony and has consonant harmony; ‘d’ changes to ‘t’ after the following consonants (p ç t k s ş h f).

4) The suffix -lAr is optional in the 3rd person pl. However, it is only optional when referring to people. This suffix may not be used for items and animals. Only humans!


why should it be 'a turkey'


It sounds like "hindi bir kuştuş". Is this supposed to happen? I know it does happen...but is it technically correct?


Eh... In my native language (Farsi) we have a similar r sound. It's sort of like an unvocalized version of an english R and you let some air pass through the top of the tip of your tongue. And you don't fold the sides of your tongue like in English. But honestly, I'm sure turks will understand you either way. Don't worry about it.


It's very common to hiss through the R, and sometimes it sounds like "ş" or "rş". It's not an officially acknowledged phenomenon, but a lot of people do it. You can do it too, if you want. I don't.


Why is tur added in the end?


Turkey's a bird. Isn't right?


That only works in English if you are talking about the country Turkey "Türkiye." The animal turkey "hindi" is countable and requires an article when it is a subject :)


why the 'tur ' at the end ?


Thanks a lot, I seem to have confused it with the plural word 'Turkeys' which doesn't need an article!


I think we use "_tur" when we are dealing with a general fact.


Plz some one can tell me why there is tur in the end it shouldn't be dir in the end because we are telling a fact ?


Nasıl bir cümle bu


Correct english translation is:" Turkey is a bird" and not " a turkey is a bird". You can say "A turkey is bird" or " Turkey is a bird". You can not put the article "a" two times.


Of course you need both articles here in English, one for each countable item, otherwise you make a (common) grammar mistake.


i never get it when to use a or the ahead of subject.


this sentence translation should be " Turkey is a bird " because before " Hindi " there is no " Bir " We may also say : The Turkey is a bird but in fact the first translation is more correct.


Got it. Thank you very much for the clear explanation


Same for me. It drives me NUTS! Kooshtoosh!!!?


Can anyone tell me why we are using "tür" at the end ?


It is impossible to hear the word hindi. its so bad. possibly the worst annunciation i have heard from the browser based version


A turkey is a bird. It's wrong


Ta certo isso mesmo?


It is correct the sound of K? Kindi

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