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Finished the tree!

Well i finished the tree, sometime last week. Go me! First of all thanks to team ireland, I did irish at school and for the next ten years i was blissfully monolingual. Ever since i learned that languages are actually good things ive regretted not having my own irish internal monologue. Not there yet, but thank you!!!

During the last 4 months i've had at times no time at all, so duolingo made up about 90% of all of my irish learning.

Going ahead into 2015 ill hopefully have more time. So here are my plans...read on to win a prize!

Project 1: Hit the strengthen button, try to golden up a little bit. How long before i know "the turf does be got in the bog" off by heart?

Project 2: Using the pota focal frequency list, categories and with duo too im hoping to add about 1000 words, excluding verbs by december. Probably will concentrate on things that appear in an nuacht as i'll make that my daily read.

Project 3: I have a terrible singing voice, but sure i'll give it a go.

More or less learned...

Báidín Fheilimí Bean Pháidín (my favourite) Oró sé do bheatha 'bhaile

Getting there...

Beidh Aonach Amárach Trasna na dTonnta

The waiting list...

Peigín Leitir Móir Cailleach An Airgid Bímís ag ól An Seanduine Dóite Tá mé 'mo shuí Amhrán na bhFiann Tg Lurgan- Wake me up :)

Any further suggestions are welcome, you can see from the balance of the list what angle im approaching it from.

Project 4: I live in Seville, Spain. If you find yourself here then well go to a few good places i know i will buy you tapas in exchange for irish conversation! That's right people- free food!!!

Project 5: try not to get sidetracked as soon as esperanto is available...

Hopefully enough to keep what i have an a bit of steady progress to boot.


April 5, 2015



Comhghairdeachas leat!




Yep. It's a variant, and what I always heard.


without the 'g', really?


Oops. That was a misspelling on my part. Comhghairdeachas is the actual spelling, and I believe it's more Connacht (I've always heard it from my teacher from Conneamra). Also thought you were asking about the word, instead of the spelling. My bad!


I only mention it as so many follow your eminent example :) (e.g. below)

Also I hadn't heard the 'leat' variant either so GRMA


lol yeah... that was me who followed the spelling example. I couldn't remember how to spell comhghairdeachas, so I just took GR's example. :-P It's ok, now we know!

[deactivated user]

    Congrats David! I recommend listening to some Irish songs. There is a group of Irish woman who sing so beautifully! They are called Celtic Woman, and you should try to "decode" their Irish songs.

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    Good taste in music! Nothing quite like children's songs about wishing broken legs and death on your enemies!

    [deactivated user]

      Awesome! Good job!


      Good job! Comhghairdeachas!



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