"Io sono il ragazzo."

Translation:I am the boy.

December 19, 2012

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They need to use a better font, io (IO) looks too much like lo (LO)


I'm starting to hear the difference more and more as I progress. Plus, always remember the first letter in a sentence is always capitalized.


Thank you soo much, I was thinking the pronunciation must be completely wrong. I kept on reading Lo


That's what I thought at first, also. But examine the following two letters. I l. That was the capital I and the lowercase l. The l has a little stick at the botom that juts out to the right, so that is how I remember it is an I.


If you play in the slower motion it sounds more like "il"


They are requesting not to discuss 'mistakes here', but I can't be sure it's a mistake or I am misunderstanding the voice reading. I keep hearing "il" but the "correct" answer and/or words actually shown for the answer are always "Lo", so I keep making the mistake! Is anyone else having this confusion?


is it just me, but il and io sound the same in the recording which is making it kinda difficult for me.


just learn the gramma and you will distinguish il and io, follow il is a noun and follow io is a verb.


I wish they had the Italian tutorial from Spanish to Italian. I'm traslating Italian to Spanish so I can translate it in English. Italian makes so much more sense in the Spanish side of my brain. Some Italian words are very distinguashable in Spanish thus making it easier for me to learn than going from English to Italian. (I am bilingual in English and Spanish)


If i can help you, let me know (y).


Not easy to hear the il, it seems to get swallowed up between the verb and noun. Slow it down and you pick it up. So, when does it become easy? (smile).


Does ragazzo not translate into guy, also? In Italy, my host brother would use ragazzi as 'guys.' Or is it incorrect english to say 'I am the guy'?


Ciao ragazzi ! =Hi guys (to your friends) it translates literally as Hello Boys! Un tipo = a guy /what's-his-name is a guy you don't know


What's the difference between "ragazzo" and "bambino"?


ragazzo is boy, bambino a male infant or younger child


Ragazzo is Boy...usually a young man, in his teens. or little more.. Bambino is child...up to 11 years old..*(more or less) Usually, in italy we use the term "ragazzo" if we are not young anymore and we talk with a younger guy, in a fiendly way we call him " ragazzo".


It can be difficult to hear short words because her audio sounds clipped.


how do I remember or know where to use 'a' and 'the' ? il, la, l' are pretty confusing. Is there a way to remember? or just keep practicing?


Il is a definite "the" used before masculine nouns, la for feminine, and l' in front of a noun starting with a vowel. " a" is indefinite, so un is for masculine, una for feminine. I hope this is correct, as I am just learning too.


If sono means "I am" then why is lo also used? It is correct either way on here but I am just curious.


i think io is also used to imply the subject, not other pronouns (or someone else)


It's a capital i (I), not an l (L).


Why do the il and lo sound THE SAME!!!! Ilike Duolingo but they need to fix this.


Great program - sure appreciate the opportunity! I hope since it's only been one week that you've posted this"lo" vs "il" issue that they are currently working on it! I feel like a dummy who's also having hearing problems. I'm in a contest with my 8-year-old grandson to learn this language (test thru Skype coming up this Friday, lol)- I need all the confidence I can get, as well as true understanding.


I can't hear the difference between il and un. It just sounds the same in this voice.


speaker has a tendency to not clearly pronounce the a or the o on the end of ragazza. I realize that it is the way Italians speak, but for learning purposes, it should be clearer.


So il is just the?


Seems strange... I don't know


I am confused.


I'm having so much trouble saying "ragazzo!"


I'm having so much trouble saying "ragazzo!"


To be fair the capital I looks like l


according to google translate, lo means the instead of I, which one is it? what does lo mean?


It's a capital i (I), not an l (L).


For me it's hard to distinguish between Io (IO) and Il (IL). Help


The highlighted word il led me to think it was the only word to translate, the new word.


Is it incorrect to say "l'ragazzo"?


Il or l' or la is the bot un una is a or an


They need to review the words before asking us to translate


Is it wrong to say L'ragazzo? I mean it's okay to say L'uomo and they are both male sooo? idk Im just wondering?


L' is the article used for masculine words starting with a vowel. l'uomo, l'albero, l'eco, l'oro.

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