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Dear anyone that will listen, I'm pretty new to Danish and the languages I already know aren't even close to it, so I need some help with my grammar. What's the difference between sit/sin/sine? Apparently they all mean his/her/its. And when do you use sit/sin/sine as opposed to hans/hende? I know these probably sound like stupid questions, but I'm seriously struggling. Please clarify this.

3 years ago


Hej DanishCola,

I had this problem too when I was learning and I think I understand it now. So there are two parts which you'll have to learn

F├śRSTE: The gender of the word is what influences whether it is going to be sit, sin, eller sine.

fx. A neutered gender word (-et) -- Her face (sit ansigt) /// A common gender word (-en) -- Her pen (sin kuglepen)

ANDEN: Who are you referring to influences whether its sin or hans/hende.

fx. Han leger med sin hund. -- The man here is playing with his OWN dog /// De leger med hans hund -- They are playing with SOMEONE ELSES dog

Hopefully I haven't said anything wrong, and if I did someone please correct me.

3 years ago

Good explanation above.

Just wanted to add that for the first one: sine is used for plurals (sine kuglepenne)

The second one is causing problems even for native speakers who mix it up, especially when sentences are getting more complicated. So don't feel bad for struggling with that.

3 years ago

Thanks, your post really help me.

3 years ago

correct explanation - i'll add a little more:

sin / sit / sine is used depending on wether the associated noun is common / neuter / plural

It's the same with: min / mit / mine (my) and din / dit / dine (your)

vores (our), jeres (your plural) and deres (their) are all the same in common, neuter and plural

ex: min bil (my car), mit hus (my house) or mine hunde (my dogs) vores bil (our car), vores hus (our house) or vores hunde (our dogs)

In english they also use possesive pronouns, which are placed after the noun: mine, yours, his/hers, ours, yours and theirs

ex: my dog / the dog is mine

We dont do that in danish: min hund / hunden er min or dit hus / huset er dit or mine hunde / hundene er mine

sin / sit / sine vs. hans /hendes is like a05pshar explained it, and yes danes confuse those two alot

3 years ago

You will discover, if you have not, that associated with many of the lessons on the tree, there is a short grammatical explanation. So, the lesson on possessive pronouns is about the tenth lesson you some to. Associated with it there is just such a short explanation. I find these very helpful.

3 years ago
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Dont be afraid, just try and try until you get it ;D

3 years ago

there is no different between sit an sin it's depend on the article ,,, see these tow examples en mad : a food ,,,, Han spiser sin mad ::: si(n) mad because e(n) mad et land : acountry ,,, Han elsker sit land si(t) land beacause e(t) land

3 years ago
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