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"Hun var i gang med at forlade sin dårlige kæreste."

Translation:She was leaving her bad boyfriend.

April 5, 2015



Happy to see it also accepting "She was in the process of leaving her bad girlfriend" :)


That's exactly what I wrote :) it took a while to confirm :p


I used that too. :)


It's a shame it won't accept horrible, I guess it's just a little bit too far away from the translation.


is there any way this section could be cut between practising 'i am going to' and ' i was about to'. Even after doing this section for months I feel the mixture of the sentences do not give me enough practice of one because the next sentence is on to the other and the section is such a total jumble to me I dont feel I have learned either


My understanding is that all of the sentences here are about "I am ...ing", "I am in the process of ...". Although I agree that from the literal translation, it's sometimes tempting to translate them differently. And there are so many different ways of making that construction, that I also feel like in the end I didn't learn any of them...


Why not "her nasty boyfriend"?


He isn't exactly mean or anything, just... suboptimal, not ideal, bad for her.
My dictionary is suggesting led as a good translation for "nasty".


"terrible" was not accepted but seems more natural than "bad"


"Terrible" is usually translated as forfærdelig in this course, and it's somewhat different in meaning from dårlig.

While forfærdelig is pretty close in meaning to "terrible, scary, unpleasant" and such, dårlig just means he's bad at being a boyfriend. Not a bad person, but just unfit for the role.

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poor in this context doesn't mean financially poor, does it ? If so, how can one know if it's about a bad loved one or just a financially poor one ? ...which is not the same, at all @_@.


No. For financially poor it would be: ".......at forlade sin fattig kæreste".

For sympathetically poor (Oh you poor boy), it would be: ".....at forlade sin stakkels kæreste".

"Dårlige" means "Bad", whether one is evil, or, just not much "go" in.

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