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What is the timezone for this site? And how do I change it?

I am new to the site and I only have started trying to go for streaks and so on this weekend. I was working yesterday (Saturday) before midnight and now I am working on it (at around 2:30pm) and it says the work I did last night was from Sunday (today). I'd like to change it so that its on my timezone or at least figure out when it goes to the next day.

Edit: Okay I learned that I am on Swedish time, because my mother lives there and we were talking while the site changed to Monday. I still want to change it to Pacific US time.

April 5, 2015



Your timezone is set to what it was when you first registered for Duolingo.

Unfortunately you cannot change it, but you can see what it is if you go to www.duolingo.com/users/yourUserName. You will see a lot of code but if you search for timezone you will see where Duo thinks you are.

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