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Pop ups in Immersion mode

I have a really small notebook and the translation pop ups in immersion mode don't seem to want to go away and they are covering the rest of the screen and I can't translate if I can't see the text. Is there a way to get rid off the pop ups that I can't see because my screen is too small?

September 7, 2013



Are you talking about the things when you click on a word/ sentence? Those are not pop-ups. They are how you translate.


You can try changing the view from "Original" to "Translation". In the Original view, you see only the foreign-language text, and you click on it to get a pop-up box in which you enter your translation. In the Translation view, you get a side-by-side view of the original text and any previous translations, and you can see both the original text and your translation, as you type it, side-by-side.


thank you for the tips, ceaer

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