I would like to put a question. For weeks now I practise basics 1 and 2 and Phrases, and I do well, but there seems not to be any progress. The programm keeps on telling me that I still have to do 4 ( basic 1)- 3 (basic 2) and 1 Phrases) lessons. I keep on doing the same lessons, but I get bored. Is there anyone who can tell me what I do wrong?, or do I have to keep on?

December 19, 2012


You need to click on the blue notebooks (lessons) instead of just practice.

Thank jou for answering me Luis. But thats just what I do the whole time, day after day, and it keeps on telling me that I still have to do 4 more lessons of for example book basic 1, or 3 from basicbook 2 ( even if I had done allready 20 lesson) But ellswhere it sais that I'm moving towards level 5. I would very much to go on with it but dont know how. I am confused.

Did you click the other notebooks. Like the second one and the third one?

I just tried your account and everything is working. Please click each subsequent lesson, practice or envelope to continue.

Thanks for the reactions. I tryed again and now I progressed 1 lesson. And also got some new words. Maybe I was to impatient. And I also have to learn the programm better. On the whole I like it a lot.

I am having that same problem. It is in Basic 1--still says I have 4 lessons to master. I've mastered Basic 2, Basic 3--What are the 4 lessos?

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