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Doulingo for Windows Phone!!

Are you working on an app compatible with Windows phone besides the alredy excisting IOS and Android's?

September 7, 2013



This would be nice! We are a small group of people but we would still like to see a greater diversity of apps come to this OS. Plus, I hear that the Windows Phone OS is actually relatively easy to develop apps for. But I also think that the Duolingo staff has bigger fish to fry then the demands of a few Window's Phone users.


Well, maybe if more WP users can comment on this thread we could show that there is more demand than one might expect. :)


yes, please. WP marketplace is a sad sad place.


I'd love it but us Microsoft fanboys hardly get any god apps from developers... sigh


A Duolingo app that worked on my phones would be nice, but since I have Windows Mobiles 5 and 6.1 on mine, I suspect I might be better off upgrading my phone...

Even my phones can manage Java, which I understand is the main requirement for Duolingo, but making the site work properly may well depend on the phone's ability to handle Javascript (my Mobile 5 one's particularly bad at this). I don't know how good the Windows Phone phones are at Javascript, though I'd assume they are better than mine because they'd be newer. You may find that with the right browser (and the right amount of data allowance - Duolingo can be addictive!), your phone can already manage the "desktop" version of Duolingo. In which case, there might not be much point in having the app as well.


i would also love a windows phone conversion


Yes please! I have tried using the duolingo website on my WP 7.8 with various browsers but it is more or less unusable. I have actually been thinking of getting an iphone instead mainly because I want to use the duolingo app!

While I realize that developers stay clear of the platform since its user base is small, microsofts acquisition of Nokia should get the ball rolling for the OS.

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