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How do I change timezones?

I've recently moved to a timezone 6 hours west of where I used to be. In a few days I'm going 3 hours further. This is obviously going to make Duolingo unstreakable because it's going to reset at around 3pm.

Is there any way I can tell Duolingo what timezone I'm currently in? I really really like streaks.

April 6, 2015



There is no way to change your timezone on Duolingo, that I am aware of. It sets to the first timezone you were in when you created your account. But, you will still have 1 full day to meet your goal each day, so from 3pm-3pm.


If it is really annoying you, you could create a new account from your new timezone. However you will have to restart your course again although you can test out of it to get back to your current position on your tree. It is a bit drastic but its the only way to change your timezone that I am aware of


Oh no, you lost your streak. Here's a consolation prize.


I lost my streak because I've been traveling and haven't done anything for 3 days. But now I want to build it back up ... and the timezone thing is really annoying.


my setting still set to notify me at 1pm, even though i have changed it to 11pm and save the options. weird.

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