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  5. "Eitlíonn an t-éan."

"Eitlíonn an t-éan."

Translation:The bird flies.

April 6, 2015



In Australia there is an expression "as the crow flies" referring to the distance from one point to another, if one where flying and unobstructed by land based obstacles.is there a similar expression in Irish? "as the bird flies"?


Gaelic Idioms by Gary Bannister lists díreach trasna na tíre as the Irish version of "as the crow flies"


“As the crow flies” has been in English since at least the mid 18th century; it’s still frequently used in North America, and I’d expect that it remains in common use in the UK and Ireland also.


How do I differentiate between the bird flies, and the insect. There's a fly in the soup?


A fly is cuil or cuileog

I did a quick search for cuileog san anraith and came across this joke


The link was missing, but I found it. :) Yes, that's an old one, but a good one. :)


Gabh mo leithscéal - I've fixed the link!


Still not working. Unfortunately Duolingo doesn’t like ampersands in links. :(

Anyway, it can be easily found by searching for the Scéal grinn - cuileog san anraith topic.


I gave up, and used a URL shortener instead.

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