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"Kan du computeren til at virke?"

Translation:Can you get the computer to work?

April 6, 2015



does it mean "to make the computer work?"


Oh. Thanks. I thought it was about taking the computer to office.


I wrote "Can you make the computer work?" and it was accepted.


I am wondering why there is "til at" instead of just "til" or "at". It's essentially saying "to to work" is it not?


"At virke" means to work/function. It is essentially the version of the verb that has no tense. "Til" indicates that you are getting it to that state of functioning. That is how I see it, anyway. I'm not a native speaker, so don't take my word too seriously here.


I think it's just the construction of that expression with the verb "få". To say 'to get to ...' it becomes in danish 'få til at...' Danish language has a lot of those expressions/constructions with a verb followed by "prepositions" to change the meaning of the verb. Instead of having a simple meaning that you can find in the dictionnary, it becomes an expression.


få = few
få til = get


Why is the E pronounced in kirke but not virke?

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