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"Tarkan bir şarkıcı, oyuncu değil."

Translation:Tarkan is a singer, not an actor.

April 6, 2015



Why do we use the accusative case for these 2 professions? Is it because the person we are talking about is or isn't a specific singer or actor and not just any general singer or actor?

April 6, 2015


there is no accusative case here, şarkıcı and oyuncu are the words without any case suffix. şarkıcıyı and oyuncuyu would be accusative


My mistake, I got confused I guess. I find Turkish relatively simple and logical but sometimes that seems to go against me because I easily get things confused like the accusative and possessive suffixes, instead of having what I would see as very distinct differences.


"Sezen Aksu bir şarkıcı, oyuncu değil." Translation: Sezen Aksu is a singer, not an actor. That's better, who is this Tarkan anyway, never heard of him?


when do we use degildir ?


-dir can be used with encyclopaedic facts or with strong assumptions. Longer explanation by Ektoraskan: HERE


Türkçe ; Tarkan bir şarkıcıdır , oyuncu değil . Denmesi dah uygundur



The 3rd person ending -DIR suffix is often left out. It can be used to emphasise, make a contrast or indicate an assumption about a person in question.

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