"What other books are you reading?"

Translation:Başka hangi kitapları okuyorsun?

April 6, 2015

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My answer had "diğer" instead of "başka" and hence was marked incorrect. So what's the difference between the two?


If I remember correctly 'diğer' is used when you mean a specific other and 'başka' is used when you do not have a specific alternative in mind.

'diğer restorana git' / 'go to the other restaurant' e.g you have a concrete other restorant in mind 'başka restorana git' / 'go to another restaurant' e.g you don't have a specific alternative in mind... just go somewhere else

I am sure there are people who know the correct grammar lingo for this but this is as good as İ can explain.


Not "Hangi başka"? Why not? The hints seem to point that way.


When you say “Hangi başka kitapları okuyorsun", it sounds like you are reacting to a previous statement, if that makes sense. Example: -Başka kitaplar da okuyorum. (I read other books as well) +Hangi başka kitapları okuyorsun? (What other books are those that you are reading?)

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ne diger kitaplari - is that incorrect?


You need a verb there. And instead of ne, "hangi" is used. So your sentence would be like: Hangi diğer kitapları okuyorsun? But if you say it like this, it kinda sounds like you are reacting to a previous statement: -I don't read this, I read other books. +What are those other books that you are reading? (Hangi diğer kitapları okuyorsun?) So "başka hangi kitapları okuyorsun?" is a better translation.

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I always thought that "hangi" means more of "which of", whereas ne - "what/which in general":

hangi arabayi secersin - which car would you choose? ne yemek istersin - what kind of food would you prefer


Yes, but the problem is you cannot use "ne" as a question adjective. To use ne in this sentence, you should use it as a question pronoun: Okuduğun diğer kitaplar neler? It is the same in the sentence you wrote. Ne yemek istersin? Ne is a pronoun here. It would be clearer if you think it as "neyi yemek istersin?"

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Starting to get the idea, thanks for explanation


Why kitapları and not kitaplar (nominative) since başka reflects unidentified alternative objects?


I can say " What kind of books are you reading?" ,can't i?


What is the different between diger and baska


Başka and hangi was not given as an alternative in the vocabulary for this sentence. I knew there was something else but didn't remember...


"Öbür kitaplar nedir ki sen okursun " what are you thinking about this sentence.? It's correct, right?

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