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Demonstratives 3

I have done and redone the activity Demonstratives 3 several times and have completed the exercises with 0 mistakes. Nevertheless, I keep being reminded that I must practice my weak skills in this lesson. What weak skills? What more can I do that get 100% correct?

April 6, 2015



Same here for Demonstratives 3. Must be a programming bug.


I also have gone through this lesson, now over five times, without a mistake and it never gets fully "strengthened". I also never get more than 6 XP, even with 100% correct. Something is not working. I just need to move on. At least I REALLY know when to use "celui-ci" and "celles-ci"!!


Moi aussi! I sat in a doctor's office yesterday and went through Demonstratives 3 at least 4 times without error and thought that it was related to the iPad app. However, I have repeated the perfection again today on my computer and it still shows "no gold" for Demonstratives 3 as well as the next two skills.


Exactly the same here. Suspect a bug.


I just tried logging out then redo Lesson 1 and it worked ! Try it and see how you go. It seems that the first lesson's words aren't appearing in the practice modes, which is preventing it from strengthening.


Which lesson 1 do you mean?


LESSON 1 of Demonstratives 3

celui-ci, celui-là, celle-ci, celle-là etc


Nope, didn't work for me. I just repeated Demonstaratives 1, 2 and 3 and still remain stuck at 3.

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