"Een nieuw museum is gisteren geopend."

Translation:A new museum has opened yesterday.

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Hi Guys!

In a previous example (see below), "Hebben" was used for "Geopend"

Zij heeft het raam geopend

Now for this example; "Zijn" has been used instead for "Geopend"!

Any thoughts please?

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The difference is that in "Zij heeft het raam geopend" - "She has opened the window", she actively opened the window. Whereas here it's passive "Het museum is geopend" - "The museum has opened". In other words it depends on if the subject of the sentence opens something (active) or if the subject is being opened by something/someone (passive)

If the museum had been opened by someone "hebben" would be used.

"De burgemeester heeft het museum geopend" - "The mayor has opened the museum"

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Thanks a million!!


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The word "has" should not appear in this sentence. It should read "A new museum opened yesterday." If you insert "has" it invites the rhetorical question "What did the museum open?"

In other words, putting "has" into the sentence changes the verb from intransitive to transitive, but with the object of the verb missing.

Ok, I'm a pedant!

3 years ago
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