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Hey, Anyone Having Any Problems Getting Into Their Lessons?

Hey Duolingo,

I am learning Spanish and attempted to go into the "Directions" and "Education" units, but every time I enter them I am kicked out by the site. I tried closing my browser (google chrome on a windows 8.1 laptop) and re-loading it, but I still have the same problem. However, I tried it (the desktop version) from my tablet and it works. Can anyone help me out? Thank you!

~ Cedar

April 6, 2015



I had also problems with loading lessons in chrome on the laptop (also not on the tablet) and i couldn't solve it. Now i use firefox without problems.


Strange. It never used to do this until yesterday. Makes me wonder if something possibly got corrupted. :/


Try restarting you computer, or try it on a different computer to see if it is the problem of your computer or duelling


Figured out the problem! I had installed a chrome extension for Duolingo that turned bad. I got rid of it, and it works great now - actually a bit faster too.

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