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Drop Down Menu for Students to Join Classes and for Teachers to Assign Students

I have hundreds of students that I've assigned to 12 different classes with specific names, but when they go to join my assigned classes they are entering class names just slightly different from what I've created, and are creating their own classes by accident. You desperately need to have a drop-down menu for students to choose from, or a search bar which only shows the classes I've created for them, and doesn't allow them to create new classes. Your current system is creating extra work for me since I have to re-assign students to their real, designated classes, and this is quite frustrating. The drop down menu also need to be available for me, because if I don't enter the class name exactly, then I inadvertently end up creating a new class with one typo. These aspects of the teachers platform certainly need to be revamped. Thank you.

April 6, 2015


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