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Immersion: Question about 'Report abuse'


I already asked Duolingo through the support button but, as I imagine that they have so much things to do, I was wondering if someone already had an answer from Duolingo (o simply know for sure) about what happens when reporting someone in the Immersion?

Does Duolingo sends an e-mail to the reported user (after how many different people report him?)?
Does Duolingo prevent him to use Immersion (after how many (more) different people report him?)?
... ?

September 8, 2013



We use the reports to help us identify people who are entering garbage translations just to get points. If we see that, we delete those translations and take back the points that were awarded for them. We're careful to never take points away unfairly.


Good to know. But the user I reported is still entering Google Translations...


Thanks for the answer.

So for someone who just change (maybe in good faith) without taking into account the previous comments (or maybe not knowing about the comments thing, maybe because he translate from the "two languages view") by not explaining (through a comment) why he comes back to an old version already change by someone else who explained why he refuses the previous one; we shouldn't report the user? Since it's not clearly that his goal was to earn points.

So if I report someone and then you erase his/her garbage, will the button "report user" come back to this position from my account or will it stay for me always as "you reported this user" ? If it stay forever as reported, it could be great to change that, to be able to report again if the user do it again.

So I think it should be great to have several types of report, like:

  • vandalism / user who enter garbage to earn points. -> each report helps you to erase his translation (and the points, but in fact for me it's not really important since you learn for yourself, to learn a language, not to earn points...). Maybe you could also, after X reported (or that you have seen yourself) vandalism to block the account for some time.
  • user go back to a refused -- with explanation in a comment -- translation. May be starting by sending a message to the user to tell him to check the comments before changing a translation and that if he disagrees to comment his modification/come back to older version.
  • other I don't think about for the moment ?


Thanks for the suggestions. To answer your questions:

  • I wouldn't report a user unless you think they're doing something intentionally wrong.
  • Right now you can only report someone once. (I agree that maybe we should change that.)

We'll have to think more about how to prevent spurious edits/reverts, and when we do I'll keep your suggestion of multiple report types in mind.


Thanks for the very clear explanation. I'll follow this rule to report someone until I heard about some change in the reporting.


I have had precisely the same experience and I second the question. I noticed that a user had been translating whole articles by copy-paste from Google Translate (and if you want to experience true horror, take a somewhat complex German article and run it through GT). I checked the user's home page and saw that he had been doing the same in multiple languages (and reached levels of 22+ in several), so I reported him.

Several weeks later, no change, except that the cheater had leveled up several times in the meantime, so I asked a question on Support. No answer yet (3 weeks have passed) but I do notice that the cheater seems to be doing real translation at the moment, although only in Spanish. Perhaps a reprimand was sent?

I won't name the person involved, but I confess to being tempted...


Thats a very good question but sorry i dont know


I've never reported another user, but I'm curious, what sort of things are the other users doing wrong?


The only thing I report people for - and I do that always - is when people enter bogus translations. Either just nonsense, or google translations, it happens every now and then. That's stealing points from us hard working translators! ;)


Exactly I want to report for nonsense/google translations especially when there are several change changes in the history with comments and that the user seems to don't care about the discussion etc.

But I asked because I want to know what can be the consequence of my report for te user before doing it. Especially since with the 'double page' view you change it like in a text editor without noticing that there are some comments so maybe it wasn't really an abuse but people just need to be teach how to use it.

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