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How Did The First People Translate Their Languages?

I've been wondering it for a long time. I really want to learn how did the first translate their languages? have you ever thought it? For an example:

-Let assume it-

You are an english person and i am a turkish person, we have never seen each others and we have seen each others just a minute ago. We do not know anything about our languages. You can say "look!(showing it), this is a table." Okay we understand. But how did they translate abbreviations, rules, hate, love, and more intangible things? And also there are many problems like argo, idioms, cyrillic and more... Were these hard when they've translated them?

April 6, 2015



I assume that some people who grew up knowing one language, were in a situation where they had to be around people who spoke another language for a long time, long enough to learn that language in the same way they learned their native language.


How can someone knows something he/she does not know?


How does a baby learn to speak?


The same way you learned your native language, your brain picks up the patterns.

When you hear people say a certain thing every time a certain situation happens, your brain connects the two together.


FunctionLearnWord =
Oh! Look! Una mesa. Table mesa. Mesa table.

Mesa?? Yes mesa.... Oh! Mesa..... Table

Repeat(LearnWord) => until(targetlanguage).finished = true

(Kind of silly coding in my own invented-non-functioning coding language, whatever, I don't even know coding basics)

I think that it was like that, people learn each other's language, and well.... History made the rest. But it's a great question, an interesting one


I've been thinking about this too! Like when the Spaniards colonized our country, they baptized them but then I am wondering how did they understand what the Spaniards said? Confusing :s


I went to Russia a few years ago, to work. The guy I worked with barely spoke English (he maybe could say 10 words) and Russian was new to me. Every time he told me something he would have to explain it. For example door, he would show me a door. That is how he explained it. In six months I could speak enough Russian to be fully understood and the big thing was I could ask someone to explain what they meant or say it another perhaps simpler way. Then I would have learned a new sentence. It definitely is a system of building on what you have learned.

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