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  5. "Bhí tús maith againn."

"Bhí tús maith againn."

Translation:We had a good start.

April 6, 2015



This seems like Béarlachas. I feel there's gotta be a better way to say "We had a good start", similar to Chuir sé tús maith to "He made a good start."


To be honest, I find Gaeilge so difficult I'm happy to take as much Béarlachas as they can give me.


....agus leath na hoibre déanta mar sin


I tried "We made a good start". Does this fit with the Irish meaning?


I hear a "but" after "we made a good start" (but then it started raining).

Even without that, "we made a good start" is "rinneamar tús máith". In many cases they would be interchangeable in both Irish and English, but that doesn't mean that you should swap the translations.


Odd, I hear a "but" after had, which is probably what made me go with "made*! However, I take your point. Literal is probably best where possible. GRMA.

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