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  5. "Kaç tane?"

"Kaç tane?"

Translation:How many?

April 6, 2015



The translation for Kaç is how many. Then what is the need for tane?


This has to do with the rhythm and the prosody of a language. "Kaç?" is just too short to say I guess, so "kaç tane?" has become the standard way to put it.


I was told that tane refers to units, so instead of saying bir elma i can say bir tane or instead of iki araba it could be iki tane, considering a context. Is it correct?


Yes, those are possible. But you can also say bir tane elma and iki tane araba. It doesn't quite correspond to anything in English I've been able to think of!


It corresponds to english piece. Kaç tane is how many pieces (countable units). If I want to ask how much does it cost, I 'd use Kaç para (dir) or just Kaç. But it is impossible to ask Kaç tane para. Roughly,Kaç is how much and Kaç tane is how many. HTH


I'd guess it's a calque of the Persian, "chand dane."


It would sound ambiguous if you didn't use 'tane'. Kaç is actually a question word that can usually be translated as 'What' but it's specifically used for numbers. Some examples:

Numaran kaç? - What is your number?
Yaşın kaç? - What is your age?
Saat kaç? - What time is it? (lit. What is the time?)
Elmaların sayısı kaç? - What is the number of the apples?
Bunun ücreti kaç? - What is the price of this?

Beside this, you can use 'kaç' as an interrogative adjective. (Interrogative adjectives are questions words that are used like an adjective i.e. Which car?) So in that case it would clearly mean 'how many' because that's the only meaning you can get from it as an adjective and you don't need to say tane. For example

Kaç (tane) elma var? - How many apples are there?

However, if you only say 'Kaç?' it would be ambigious because it can either mean 'How many?' or 'What is the number of it?'

Elmalar kaç? - What is (the number/price of) the apples? or How many are the apples?

So, it would be enough to use kaç without tane only when you clearly use it as an adjective (i.e. Kaç elma var?). Otherwise, people stick with using tane to sound more clear.


nice answer and helpful!


Great question! Mine too. (The answer's good too). Looking up 'tane' I find that it can mean "single thing" so could the sentence also translate as "How many (single) things?"


I think of it as "Wie viel Stück?", as in "Wie viel Stück Obst möchtest du?"


I think it's more of a measurement unit since it can be used with anything.


Kac in itself does not give the full translation of " how many". It's only a part of it. You can also use the word "kac" to describe a things frequency of occurance as in "bir kac kisi gormus" more than one person saw, bir kac tane ver: "give me few"


Why does it have to be "How MANY?" and not "How much?" ?


'How much' is ne kadar. Kaç means 'how many' and kaç tane is something roughly like 'how many units,' or simply 'how many.' Hope that makes sense!


Kaç tane- how many. Ne kadar- how much. Is this correct?


For my understanding, the "tane" makes it a quantity rather than a quality.


Do you mean number rather than mass?


Not to confuse anybody, but it's worth mentioning: "kac" is also a verb meaning to run away. The two are in no way related, but it may come up. Kac! Kac? All explanations for the question form of kac are good, but missing one thing. You would almost never hear the "kac" in its question form used alone. It will always be followed by the subject in question: kac para, kac ev, kac kisi, kac tane.


What's the difference between Ne Kadar and Kaç tane?


I think the same as between "how much" and "how many".


Kaç means how and nasil also means how.


Kaç means how

kaç means "how much" or "how many" -- not simply "how".

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