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  5. "Kaptan ve bekçi çay içer."

"Kaptan ve bekçi çay içer."

Translation:The captain and the guard drink tea.

April 6, 2015



In the English translation, it makes sense, but would not tend to be used in normal conversation, in English it's more likely one would say: "The captain and the guard ARE DRINKING tea." Does this make a different sentence in Turkish due to tense or is it the same due to the same gist??


yes it does.

"Kaptan ve bekçi her gün çay içer.": The captain and the guard drink tea every day.

"Kaptan ve bekçi şu anda çay içiyor.": The captain and the guard are drinking tea at the moment.


Ah, fantastic, teşekkürler! You guys (all the moderators) are so eager and quick to help us out, it's amazing! I never knew I liked Turkish before I started this course but now I just love it, more than any other language I've tried studying before, all thanks to you guys ;-)


happy to hear you enjoy the course. good luck with learning Turkish!


Teşekkür ederim! :-)


I wish I knew who the moderators are... ... DuoLingo's mobile app for Android does not include their 'MOD' identifier. I have reported this as a helpful improvement.


Teşekkurlar but why "içer" is used for 2 persons?


Selam türkler yine her yerde.


there is no specific case here like "kaptanı" or "bekcyi" so why its 'the captain and the guard' why not only 'captain and guard drink tea'?


In Turkish, the subject of the sentence can't take the accusative case, so it's assumed. English requires an article in this context, so "captain and guard" would be incorrect by English rules.


Can you please tell me why there is not "icerler"?


both are correct. In general we don't use the -lar suffix if they are doing it together (but we may)


Thank you for explanation :)


So you meant that whenever we have the "ve" or "and", we refer to them as singular?


Please, add „warden“ for bekçi too, it's that way in a memrise course and at http://tureng.com/tr/turkce-ingilizce/warden Thank you.


Why do i need to mention "a captain" ? If i write captain instead of a captain, duo rejects the answer... Please tell me about this "A" concepr.


The cartoon picture of the guard in the intro to this lesson looks like a miner, to me, someone who digs underground to extract ore. Perhaps guard uniforms are different in Turkey.


why is there ''The''with the captain and the guard?? plz helpppp


My sentence is not wrong but one mistake I did'nt use the with captain and guard because in hint there is not the with both so I can't use the when I click on the check button its wrong .why? Wrong hints

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