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  5. I can repet a lesson?


I can repet a lesson?

I want to repet a lesson, ex lesson 1, when i do the first lesson, doulongo do not give the words from first lesson, but he offer the words from the ultimate lesson, What can i do?

September 8, 2013


[deactivated user]

    Duo selects sentences for lessons and practise based on three restraints┬╣:

    • The sentence includes the subject of the skill you're learning (e.g. Animals, Verbs-Present, etc)
    • The sentence includes only words you've seen before (when you are practising)
    • The sentence includes words you learn in current lesson (when you do a new lesson)

    Since Basics doesn't have restraint 1 (it's just learning a few words), you get sentences of all words you've seen before when you're practising it (or redoing a lesson).

    If you really want to do the first lessons again, you can reset your tree via Settings (that gear in the right corner), but I wouldn't recommend it. You'll lose all your progress that way. So, just practise for about a hundred or two hundred points - as much as you need to feel comfortable to move on to the next lesson.

    Good luck :)

    • ┬╣ The system isn't completely foolproof, so once in a while you may encounter a tense or a word you haven't seen before and you aren't learning about in the current lesson.


    yeah, I have that problem too. Hopefully someone can tell us why....?


    you can train a particular word by going into the vocab list and selecting it. Hope this helps...

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