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Thank you for this product, I have been using it quiet often. I have learned how to read french pretty quick but am getting little exercise on the written and verbal side. My question is, "How hard would it be to give the student the option of answering the question either a verbal response or a written one?

April 7, 2015

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Do you have mic exercises turned on? Those give you opportunities to speak, and sometimes they actually give you the English and ask you to say it in your target language.

As you get further up the tree, the "translate this from English" written questions get a little more frequent and definitely more complex. I think they hover at 50/50.

Ultimately, you may have to seek out other opportunities for speaking and writing. Some of those opportunities you can invent on your own: write your Facebook updates in French, write your grocery list in French, talk to your pet in French, etc. There are also sites and other resources set up to help you. If you post on the French-from-English board, I'm sure people will have lots of suggestions.

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