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Hearts vs Progress Bar

I mainly use mobile to do my practicing and such. At first, I loved learning a new language and it was all great! But now, I can barely convince myself to get on everyday for the measly ten minutes because the hearts terrify me! I've even tried going on the desktop site on my phone and it is difficult. Is there a way to update duolingo mobile to the progress bar? If I have to keep doing hearts, I'm never going to learn French!

April 7, 2015



If you are using the latest version of the app and still have hearts, then you're probably in an a/b test to see which one works better on mobile. Use the technique described here to find what a/b tests you're in.

I think these rows might indicate something: android_12_lesson_bar_experiment, ios_14_adaptive_bar_test (mine is set to "true" and I have the bar), or even sg_adaptive_lessons_experiment (mine is also set to "true").

Why do the hearts scare you? The worst thing that'll happen is that you get a sad owl face and have to redo the lesson. You don't lose anything, nothing negative actually happens. Perhaps reframing what the hearts mean will help you?


I just hate failing and with the progress bar, that doesn't happen.

But thank you. I will test that out.

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