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"Thank You" strange observation.

Silly question really, but I found this interesting:

When I was in Portugal for the first time last week, when I said "Obrigado" to someone, I never really felt like I'd said "Thank you" until I said it in English afterwards....is this a common thing...or is it just to do with the overpoliteness of the British?

September 8, 2013



Obrigado = short for "me sinto OBRIGADO em lhe retribuir",that is, I need to do something in order to pay your favor back. DE NADA = "você não é obrigado DE NADA" (= You really dont need to pay me back). Well, a very polite thing =)


Nice, now I know how to sound really fancy and posh when saying thank you and you're welcome. Thanks! :D


Lol. Not sure of that. Literally no one uses the long form.


That's the point though ;) I'll need to get a costume to match the poshness, maybe a tophat and a monocle (Obviously to hide my true indentity as well, since I probably wouldn't be brave enough to do it otherwise!).

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