Time Zone Issue

Hi -

For some reason my time zone was set to EST even though I'm in PST right now. I'm hoping there's some way to change it given that it was incorrect to begin with.


April 7, 2015


Did you create your account in EST? Is your computer for some reason synced to a time server in EST? Do you have an extension or other setup that tells everyone else that you're somewhere else? (Like a VPN?)

Since you're not too far along in your tree, you could try restarting your computer, clearing your browser cache, and then creating a new account. You will be able to test into the tree instead of just starting from scratch (but you'll still lose XP).

--but you'll still lose XP--

Although you could log into your old account and donate them to your new account :-)

You're thinking of lingots, not experience points. ;)

Oops, silly me. I must have Lingots on the brain.

I think this problem is more widespread. My Duolingo "days" end at about 8:30 pm PDT. I started the account in this time zone and have no explanation for why Duolingo thinks 8:30 pm is midnight.

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